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where diners feast on mouth watering Japanese and Korean offerings. House specialties include Seafood Jun-Gal, a medley of fresh fish, vegetables and egg in a spicy broth.

Village Sushi and Grill is welcome addition to Roslindale

Did old-fashioned Roslindale need or want a casual, sleek sushi bar/ Japanese-Korean restaurant? To judge from the crowds at Village Sushi & Grill on a recent weeknight, the answer must be "Yes."'

Delectable Pan-Asian outing - Village Sushi & Grill

Village Sushi & Grill, the latest addition to Roslindale Square's burgeoning ethnic mix, offers Japanese and Korean favorites and more sushi creations than you can shake a chopstick at.

Japanese-Korean cuisine with an American accent comes into its own

This is also happening at Village Sushi and Grill, which opened under my radar about a year ago, and now has the customers and the capability to turn out some wonderful food

Combining"class"and "comfort" in one "tranquil" space


This Roslindale "cousin of JP Seafood Cafe" takes the "same super-fresh"

approach with its own "generously" apportioned "high-end Japanese" and

"superior Korean" savories, while its "staff of pros" is "happy to oblige any

special requests"