House Specialty Maki

House specials roll 6-8 pieces per order

Dragon Maki----------------------------------------------11.95

Shrimp tempura maki covered with eel and avocado.

Rainbow Maki* --------------------------------------------9.95

Crabmeat, cucumber, tobiko, mayo, covered with tuna, salmon and whitefish.

Crazy Maki* ----------------------------------------------10.95

Shrimp tempura maki covered w. spicy tuna and tempura flakes.

Caterpillar Maki-------------------------------------------9.95

Eel, cucumber, spicy mayo, covered with avocado.

Scorpion Maki----------------------------------------------9.95

Eel & cucumber wrapped with cooked shrimp

Hearts On Fire---------------------------------------------9.95

Spicy salmon with avocado wrapped in seaweed & lightly fried.

Double Double Maki------------------------------------11.95

Shrimp tempura maki covered with cooked shrimp & avocado.

Jazz Maki* ------------------------------------------------10.95

Fried sweet potato, eel maki covered with seared tuna, avocado, wasabi tobiko and spicy mayo.

Fuji Maki--------------------------------------------------10.95

California covered with salmon and baked to perfection.

Wasabi, tobiko on the top with spicy mayo.

Flamingo Maki* -----------------------------------------11.95

Crabmeat, mayo, cucumber, avocado covered with white tuna, mango, tobiko and spicy mayo.

Una-Mango Maki-----------------------------------------11.95

Mango, cream cheese, tempura flake, with layer of eel avocado and eel sauce.


Fried yellowtail, crabmeat, tobiko & avocado with eel sauce.

Summer Breeze Maki* ----------------------------------8.95

Tuna, salmon and whitefish mixed vegetable wrapped in a cucumber. Served with house special sauce.

Wild Fire Hand Roll*-------------------------------------8.95

Mixed in spicy mayo, tobiko, scallion, crabmeat with wasibi tobiko on top. Handroll with cucumber wrap. Choice of scallop, tuna or salmon.

Oversized Maki

Thick roll 4-5 pieces per order

Spider Maki (4 pieces)-----------------------------------9.95

Deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, tobiko

Boston Maki* (4 pieces)---------------------------------7.95

Lettuce, tobiko, salmon, cucumber, spicy mayo

Futo Maki (4 pieces)--------------------------------------6.95

Vegetable with crab stick, tamago, tobiko

Ocean Maki* (5 pieces)----------------------------------9.95

Tuna, salmon, white fish, crabstick, wasabi tobiko, spicy mayo

Godzilla Maki (5 pieces)---------------------------------9.95

Jumbo shrimp tempura, avocado, spicy mayo

Mango-Tango Maki (5 pcs)-----------------------------8.95

Shrimp tempura, mango, cream cheese, cucumber

Sexy Maki * (5 pieces)----------------------------------10.95

Tuna, eel, shrimp, avocado, cucumber w. spicy mayo wrapped in soybean paper

* Raw Seafood

Consuming raw or undercooked meats,poultry,Seafood   shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne      illness,especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Any maki inside out $1.00 extra. Maki with         Tobiko $1.00 extra.

Maki with mayo $1.00 extra.Temaki (hand    

Roll ) same price 1 piece per order.